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Piano Moving

We use BEST practices for moving your piano.

At Moore's, we are properly trained for all types of piano moving. We will move spinets, uprights, grand uprights, baby grands, grands, concert grands, and all other types of organs. We know that pianos are very valuable to our customers and we take special care! We use a blanket wrap and pad to protect the finish so your piano is very well-cushioned during the shipment. Our team is specifically trained to pad and wrap all pianos and securely place them on a piano board for transportation. Our movers will remove the legs, music stands and pedals and ensure each piece is properly protected as they are loaded onto our trucks.

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Image of Grand Piano in a residential setting

"Three gentlemen showed up, all VERY kind and said hello. They introduced themselves and quickly got the path ready to move my piano through. They walked me through existing damage/marks on my piano prior to moving it, which I thought was really great. Then - they padded her up like nobody's business and EFFORTLESSLY carried her down a steep narrow staircase, with a turn and sloped ceiling, & out to their giant green truck. My heart was pounding like crazy watching them carry out this sentimental piece of mine and...honestly ... I cried to Mr. Moore when they were done haha! Off they went to the drop off location and here I am, hours later, just so grateful for this referral. Part of me wishes I had more things to move just so I could extend the experience.

MANY, many thanks to the guys at Moore's!" Erin L., Roseville, CA

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